Private voice lessons with danielle kane

Danielle tailors her lessons to her student's individual needs. Drawing from many systems, including a lifetime of performing professionally and a love of teaching, she helps people open up and sing with more power, artistry and ease. Teaching others has been her only day job, and she shares the tools and techniques from her professional background and experience. Ms. Kane’s students learn to acquire true control of their voice so they can sing expressively and develop their confidence.

  • Train your instrument with the techniques the pros use
  • Get the call back!
  • Express yourself, and discover your own style
  • Address vocal challenges and develop a home practice
  • Love the sound of your own voice!

Experience the Empowered Singer Vocal Workout!

Danielle taught me solid technique, helped me win auditions and shine in musical comedy roles. Most of all, she taught me to believe in myself…a gift that has opened countless doors in my life.
— Bobbi Fagone | writer, producer, actress
Danielle is a master at technique and she understands the deep call of singing from the heart. She has infinite patience and creates a warm, safe space. I learn so much singing with her!
— DeeAnn M.

I’ve been teaching voice ever since I was a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. My 'Empowered Singer Vocal Program' encompasses classical and contemporary vocal techniques as well as essential voice-opening and voice building exercises which I find I find personally useful in my career as a performer. I love training singers to open up to their full range of self-expression! I assist seasoned vocalists in deepening their expressiveness and realizing their goals in a variety of creative ventures: theatrical productions, concerts, choral solo work, and recording projects. I also teach aspiring vocalists who want to sing for fun, express themselves, and expand their musical experience.  

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